About Our Cattery!

As soon as the number of cats around us began to grow a tiny bit more than appropriate, felling the need to protect them from any and all hazards and/or dangers, we built a safe and comfort zone only for them, a place they could play, gaze upon our beautiful portuguese scenic and lush natural surroundings and thus get some distraction and amusement by watching daily life going around and all the movements from outside. The broad glass french doors and windows provide them just that – a way to be a part of life. This way, they are comfortable, cozy, having fun, while at the same time safe and sound in their “house”. They are happy and when we are not home we still feel at peace and measured of their well-being – our heart is always at peace

A Casinha dos nossos gatos!

Quando o nosso número de gatos começou a crescer um pouco mais, sentimos necessidade de os proteger contra todos os perigos e construir uma zona segura, só deles, onde pudessem brincar, ver a natureza e distraírem-se com todos os movimentos exteriores que as amplas mas seguras janelas envidraçadas, em todo o frontal da sua casinha proporcionam. Eles são felizes e nós quando saímos vamos com o nosso coração tranquilo 

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